Two Years of tony abbott’s Life.

Don’t tell the others……

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This is an excerpt from “Where there is Smoke” 

The references in square brackets are from that post.



Abbott was awarded a Rhodes Scholarship in 1980. There has always been a little disbelief that he gained this most prestigious award when he was a mid-range student and a mid-range sportsman.

abbottrhodes1The ABC has thrown a little light onto this conundrum discovering some of the selection committee. [13]

Although there were seven members including three previous scholars, on three people are named on the list.

Sir Roden Cutler, the Governor of NSW and the businessman Richard John Lee (Rhodes Scholar 1971) were joined by the now Chief Justice J. Dyson Heydon (Rhodes Scholar 1974)

The Canberra Times added to the published information. “According to the list, the 1980 panel included Michael Birt, a former vice-chancellor of the University of NSW, war veteran Harold “Jack” Dickinson, who was appointed…

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