Proud Haitians Defend Country as Free Black Republic after Trump’s ‘Sh*thole Countries’ Comments

Voodoo economics?

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Yesterday there were mass demonstrations in America, and expressions of outrage around the rest of the world at Trump’s grotesque comments about immigrants to America from ‘sh*thole countries’. As Mike put up on his blog, one of the countries that was most definitely not impressed was Botswana in Africa. This tiny African state, with a population of 2 million, has, as Mike pointed out, the highest growth rate in Africa, and a tradition of stable democratic government. It’s a developing nation, but definitely not a ‘sh*thole’. And the country’s authorities seemed determined to make that point when they called the American ambassador in to explain if their nation was one of the countries Trump was sneering at.

I was particularly impressed by a young Haitian woman, who appeared on the BBC news yesterday when the Corporation covered a demonstration against Trump and his racist comments in Florida. She stated that…

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I gave up my smartphone for a Nokia 3310 and radically changed my life.


Three weeks ago, I was sitting in the cinema with my girlfriend, waiting for the half-hour of advertorials to roll on. With the brightness on my screen turned down so as not to distract other cinemagoers from the beer commercial, I opened my WordPress account on my mobile phone to check if any of my readers had tried my new ‘moonshine mash’ recipe yet. The words “HAVE THE BITCH RAPED TO DEATH” screamed out at me from my screen. I turned it over so my other half didn’t see it, and quietly went to the bathroom. “FILTHY RETARDED NIGGER WHORE” “THE BITCH HAS AIDS” “KILL HER NOW”.

These comments were left on a recipe for mashed potato. That’s what I do, for a living, I write cheap recipes, mostly from tinned foods, and teach people on very low budgets how to cook well for themselves while living paycheck to paycheck…

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From midwife to sick and homeless in 2yrs #PIPstories #DWP

The true story of the shape of things to come for all of us if we do not get rid of these incompetents.


midwife.pngLast week, the SKWAWKBOX put out an appeal for those who have suffered the abuse of the government’s PIP (Personal Independence Payment) process, which consists of multiple hoops, unrealistic appointments and constant meaningless assessments that often result in the withdrawal of payments to people whose conditions are never going to improve.

We were inundated.

The stores we received were full of bravery and anger. Some are desperate. All are harrowingly tragic. In the first of a series of those stories to raise awareness of the human cost of government callousness, the following tells of the situation of J – a senior midwife who, within just two years of a diagnosis of severe rheumatoid arthritis (RA), was unemployed, homeless and bounced around without support by the DWP (Dept of Work and Pensions) and its agents.

It is told in J’s own words, with emphases added by the SKWAWKBOX:

I was diagnosed…

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How Theresa May is being ‘shepherded’ to a hard Brexit by a multibillionaire Dubai-based New Zealand fund manager

Pride's Purge

Chances are you’ve never heard of multi-billionaire New Zealander Christopher Chandler.

Chandler heads a private, multi-billion-dollar investment fund based in Dubai, called Legatum CapitalLegatum invests in companies in developing countries such as India, Russia, Latin America and Eastern Europe.

Strangely, for a New Zealand/Dubai capital investment firm, Legatum has been forging close links to many leading Brexiters in the UK and the company has now emerged as the main adviser to Theresa May and David Davis on its Brexit negotiations with the EU.

In recent months, Legatum has created something it calls the Special Trade Commission, which has produced a lot of papers advising the May government to take a hard line with the EU and arguing for the hardest of hard Brexits, including insisting that Britain leaves both the customs union and the single market (from its web page):

In its mission statement

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Exclusive: Tory MP makes Weinstein joke at Anticoagulation Awards

disgusted, Wolverhampton.


aaaEarlier today, the inaugural ‘Anticoagulation Achievement Awards’ (AAA) were held in the Terrace Pavilion at the House of Commons. As the AAA’s press release states, the awards were held as part of the celebrations of World Thrombosis Day in two days’ time are are to celebrate “outstanding practice in the management, education and provision of anticoagulation across the UK”.

On this occasion, they also appear to have been an opportunity for a Tory MP to make a joke of such staggeringly poor taste that attendees report listeners were stunned into silence.

Parliamentary insiders have told the SKWAWKBOX that the MP, who represents a south coast constituency, made a speech as part of the ceremony and quipped,

At least everyone here didn’t have to do anything on the casting couch to get an award.

One person present told this blog:

It was clearly a reference to Weinstein. Everyone just looked at…

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Video: If Abbott had been this clueless, it would be all over media

Crisis? What crisis!


Chief Secretary to the Treasury Liz Truss has developed a reputation for utter uselessness that is as well-deserved as any in Westminster – but she appears to have become the Tories’ ‘go to’ spokesperson to defend their towering Universal Credit (UC) SNAFU (‘situation normal – all f***ed up’ – and for this Tory government it really is normal).

Just over a week ago, Ms Truss was a deer in the headlights at the Tory conference in Manchester where, when challenged over the disaster of thousands of people in desperate hardship because of UC delays, she answered that it couldn’t be so bad because her experience when she visited a Jobcentre had been positive.

Today, she appeared on the BBC’s Daily Politics programme. Again the topic was UC – and again she was clueless – completely unable to give a meaningful answer to Andrew Neil’s question about why the government was…

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The Canary has been set up. Laura Kuenssberg WAS listed as a speaker for a Tory Party event.

There you go!

Pride's Purge

The Canary has been attacked for producing supposedly fake news after it claimed BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg was listed as a speaker at a Tory Party event.

But The Canary now claims her name was taken off the event only after its article was published.

The Tory Party website and the CSJ who are hosting the event have managed to avoid Google caching copies of their previous versions, so it’s nearly impossible to check if what The Canary now says is true.

However, I’ve just checked the event as it was listed on EventBrite  – a cached snapshot by Google of the page as it appeared on 20 Sep 2017 21:03:24 GMT – and sure enough Laura Kuenssberg’s name did indeed appear on the list of speakers:

The current page – you can see it here – has since been altered to exclude Kuenssberg’s name. This of course…

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