Tony Benn on the Misrepresentation of ‘Moderates’ versus ‘the Left’ in the Labour Party

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I fond this passage, ”Moderates’ versus ‘Left Wing’ – a Misleading Description’ in Tony Benn’s Argument’s for Democracy, edited by Chris Mullin (Harmondsworth: Penguin 1981). In it, the great man shows that its the Labour party as a whole that’s moderate, and those the media describes as moderates aren’t always moderate Labour, but just as likely Tories or Lib Dems. He writes

First, the uxse of the adjectives ‘moderate’ and ‘left wing’ mjerits some examination. The Labour Party, being avowedly socialist in its aims, is itself left wing and so are all its members, as compared to the Conservatives and Liberals. Moreover, the term ‘moderate’ is equally confusing. By any world standard of socialism, the entire Labour Party is exceptionally moderate, offering, even in its supposedly ‘full-blooded’ manifestos in the past, the most modest proposals for changes in the structure of wealth and power, all to be achieved firmly…

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Londonderry Airbrushed

The World Turned Upside Down

Recently, a photo of the statue of Charles William Stewart or Lord Londonderry (1778–1854), in Durham city’s marketplace was posted in a local Facebook group. Someone commented that he “owned many of the coal mines in County Durham and spent lots of money to make them run better.” Astonishingly, it transpired that this particular piece of misinformation was taken from a website produced by the university for use in local schools. Not wishing to allow this go unchallenged, I responded by making a few factual observations and suggestions.

First of all, Londonderry was brutal even by the standards of his time. On the Tory benches in the House of Lords, he led the opposition to the Mines Act 1842, which among other things, prevented boys under the age of 10 years old from working underground. Thankfully, he failed, although he did manage to get the legislation watered down. Therefore…

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Trolling Trolling Trolling

Hidden Agenda

Normally, I don’t give trolls much thought, but a delightful man left a negative review on my facebook page, with further comment, and something about this struck me as relevant to current affairs.

I don’t know Sheehan. I’ve never met him or interacted with him, as far as I’m aware, and yet he visited my page, called me a bitch and assumed I’m single.

Why does a stranger, who hasn’t engaged me in any conversation, feel the need to do this? What is it about trolling that gives these guys a sense of power and accomplishment? If his Facebook Page is genuine, he’s an older man, supposedly happily married and with a big, shiny, red car. Why is he so filled with hatred and rage that he’s motivated to leave such messages on a stranger’s page?

My marital status is completely irrelevant to my political leanings and opinions. I’m not…

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Green-Groups Bird-Dogging Labor is a Dog Act

very true

The Red Window

This is one of the most important elections in our history. Bird-Dogging the alternative, progressive Government as a political strategy is a dog act. It risks punishing us with another term of conservative rule. Pushing a single issue agenda with the aim to suffocate the message of the Australian Labor Party is dangerous, classist, selfish idiocy. This is not good for the less privileged.


Bird-Dogging is the political activist form of heckling. The intent of Bird-Dogging is to absolutely suffocate the message of the politician or party holding the event. Bird-Dogging is covert and coordinated. The idea is to get as many people as possible, sympathetic to your cause. The aim is to hijack a politician or a candidate speaking to the media or hijack a party event.

The idea is to covertly plant as many activists as possible in attendance at an event and push to ask as…

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Murdoch Demands Curtailment of Parliamentary Democracy over Brexit

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Earlier today I put up a piece about an article in the I newspaper about the claim by a charity, the Hansard Society, that British people were increasingly demanding a more authoritarian leader, who could override parliament. This is obviously dangerous, as at the end of such anti-parliamentary sentiments lies authoritarian political strongmen like Vladimir Putin outright dictatorships, like those of Hitler and Mussolini. I speculated that, if the findings are correct, they’re probably due to Tweezer’s supporters getting impatient with parliament blocking her wretched, worthless Brexit deals.

It turns out I may well have been right. Brexit is involved. And so, unfortunately, is that curse of the modern press, Rupert Murdoch.

No sooner had I put my piece up then I found that the good fellow behind Zelo Street had put up a similar article based on articles about the Hansard Society and its wretched poll in the Times

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Jackie Walker Expelled by Labour Kangaroo Court

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There are very many issues I’d like to blog about, but I have to cover this one. It’s an absolute travesty. Jackie Walker, the Black Jews anti-racist historian, activist and educator, has been expelled from the Labour party after she walked out of what was another kangaroo. Walker has suffered years of vilification and foul abuse because she is what the Israel lobby inside and outside the Labour party can’t stand: a Jewish opponent of Israel and its ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians. If you watch Jon Pullman’s film, Witchhunt, which is about her persecution and those of other critics of Israel, she tells how she came into anti-Israeli apartheid activism. It was in the 70’s when she was part of the campaign against apartheid in Namibia. And through her activism against apartheid in southern Africa, she moved on to questioning it and campaigning against it in Israel.


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Home-Made Badge Commemorating the Unemployed in the Concentration Camps

Go commercial–I would buy one.

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Along with Jews, political and religious dissidents, gypsies, prostitutes, neurotics and recidivist criminals, the Nazis also incarcerated in the concentration camps the habitual unemployed. These were people the Nazis dubbed workshy, who had refused offers of work ‘without good reason. According to the Wikipedia pages on concentration camp badges, they had to wear a black triangle, which was also the badge worn by Gypsies, the mentally ill and mentally disabled, prostitutes, alcoholics, drug addicts, beggars and vagrants, as well as pacifists and those who refused conscription.

According to the article, those sent to the camps for ‘labour education’ wore a white letter ‘A’ on the black triangle.

I’ve mentioned before how closely the current Conservative policy towards the long term unemployed resembles that of the Nazis, with the exception that in Thatcherite Britain, the unemployed aren’t sent to concentration camps. The DWP simply lets the same starve to death, either…

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Hard brexit campaign run by white, male, public school educated, southerners

Pride's Purge

One of the biggest and most ridiculous lies spun by the UK press is that the Brexit vote was some kind of ‘working class rebellion’ – led by Jacob Rees-Mogg, Viscount Rothermere and Boris Johnson – against the ‘establishment’.

The truth is, of course, that the most working class parts of the UK were Remain strongholds: Liverpool, Glasgow, Manchester, Peckham, Newcastle etc.

A quick look at the 44 people running the official hard-Brexit campaign group Leave Means Leave reveals all but one of them are white and male:

And more than 60% of these supposedly working-class anti-establishment campaigners were educated at public schools and are from the south of England.

Somewhat destroying the popular narrative …

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Thatcher Wanted Ulster Loyalists to Assassinate Irish Premier Haughey

So Thatcher was the T word.

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I found a very interesting piece for conspiracy watchers over at Zelo Street, posted on New Year’s Eve 2017. It discusses a report in the Irish Independent that Charles Haughey, the Irish Taoiseach, was a sent a letter from the Ulster Volunteer Force in 1987 warning him that MI5 wanted them to assassinate him. It said that MI5 and MI6 had set up a smear campaign against him, and that the two intelligence agencies and British special forces had used them to kill Irish nationalists from 1972 to 1978 and again in 1985. The letter was written on UVF headed noted paper, and signed Capt. W.E. Johnston, the pseudonym used by the leaders of the UVF in their correspondence. The letter revealed that the MI5 agent gave the terrorists details of Haughey’s cars, his photographs of his home, his island, Inishvickillane, his yacht, Celtic Mist, and details of his trips…

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Leonardo DiCaprio announces new plan to fight #climatechange #StopAdani demand a #GreenNewDeal #auspol #qldpol #nswpol #springst #ClimateStrike #ExtinctionRebellion #ClimateCrisis


The One Earth Climate Model says we can curb temperature rises without resorting to nuclear power or using unproved technologies. It will be expensive–but far less than the subsidies we currently give fossil fuel companies.

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Meanwhile in Australia our Prime Minister Scott Morrison fiddles with Coal.

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