The Canary has been set up. Laura Kuenssberg WAS listed as a speaker for a Tory Party event.

There you go!

Pride's Purge

The Canary has been attacked for producing supposedly fake news after it claimed BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg was listed as a speaker at a Tory Party event.

But The Canary now claims her name was taken off the event only after its article was published.

The Tory Party website and the CSJ who are hosting the event have managed to avoid Google caching copies of their previous versions, so it’s nearly impossible to check if what The Canary now says is true.

However, I’ve just checked the event as it was listed on EventBrite  – a cached snapshot by Google of the page as it appeared on 20 Sep 2017 21:03:24 GMT – and sure enough Laura Kuenssberg’s name did indeed appear on the list of speakers:

The current page – you can see it here – has since been altered to exclude Kuenssberg’s name. This of course…

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Sunny broth, 19p

Wow! have not tried this yet.

Cooking on a Bootstrap

This beautiful, bold, soup is full of goodness and vitamins and vitality, and reminds me of a gentle, grandmotherly hug. It’s a brightening tonic, a perky pick-me-up, and a simple sushine injection for a hangover or a cold or a bluesy day. You can blend it all together for a more substantial meal, but here I have strained it for a clear, simple broth.
Serves 2-4 from 19p each

1 large onion, 9p (70p/1.5kg, Basics)
4 fat cloves of garlic, 6p (35p/2 bulbs, Basics)
A small piece of fresh ginger, 3p (30p/100g)
2 tsp turmeric, 3p (80p/100g, Natco or KTC)
1 tsp cumin or garam masala, 2p (80p/100g, Natco or KTC)
4 decent sized carrots, 21p (75p/1.5kg, Basics)
1 yellow or orange pepper, 25p (£1/4, Basics)
Half a lemon or 1 tbsp bottled juice, 3p (55p/250ml bottled lemon juice)
1 vegetable stock cube, 3p (30p/10, Basics)
800ml water
A little…

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They Are Coming For The Internet – New Porn and Copyright Laws Could Criminalise Millions

on the ball if paranoid….

the void

facepalmIf you ever needed confirmation that the UK is not run by a shadowy cabal of sinister plotters but a bunch of chinless fucking idiots then the upcoming Digital Economy Bill is a good place to start.

As well as massively increasing personal information sharing amongst government departments, the proposed new laws will seek to ensure that all pornographic content available on the internet in the UK carries an age verification system.   The bill will also introduce new copyright legislation which could mean that simply sharing or retweeting an internet meme, such as the one that accompanies this post, could mean prosecution with a maximum penalty of ten years imprisonment.  Really.

According to the government age-verification is necessary to protect children from the danger of online porn.  And wouldn’t it be nice if it were that easy.  The reality is that this bill will do nothing to stop teenagers…

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The Real News: American Nuclear Inspector Says Korean Nuclear Weapons Capability ‘Gross Exaggeration’

Let’s hope so.

Beastrabban\'s Weblog

Trump’s extremely belligerent speech this morning threatening the North Koreans, and Iran and Venezuela, for that matter, with utter destruction is terrifying. It’s the ranting of a lunatic, who seems determined to push his country, and the world, to the brink of nuclear war. After all, when he first got into power he asked his general staff why America didn’t use its nuclear weapons on its enemies.

Trump is, however, responding to claims by the North Korea itself to have developed a hydrogen bomb and the missiles capable of delivering one to the US. This comes from an underground nuclear test that North Korea carried out on the 3rd of this month, September 2017. But this report by Sharmini Perez of the Real News argues that their claims of nuclear capability is ‘grossly exaggerated’.

In the video below, Perez interviews Robert Kelley, a member of America’s Atomic Energy Authority, and…

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