Iain Duncan Smith Is Still A Fucking Idiot – And Only We Can Stop Him

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Incapacity Benefit for new claimants will go, replaced by Employment and Support Allowance with the emphasis on what a person with a physical or mental health condition can do, rather than what they can’t.

Peter Hain, Labour Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, 2007

We need a system focussed on what a claimant can do and the support they’ll need – and not just on what they can’t do.

Iain Duncan Smith, Conservative Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, 2015

It’s just the same old shit, over and over again, whichever bunch of bastards is in charge.  The above two comments were made almost a decade apart and in that period the number of people claiming out of work sickness benefits has barely changed.  And why would it?  In any society there will be some people who cannot work due to illness or disability and as the pension…

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Telegraph Tosh on Economics

Let us hope we can put this together without too much interference from the up tight right.

Think Left

Steven Hail’s point by point response to the Daily Telegraph Article by Jeremy Warner  which suggested the Jeremy Corbyn’s economic plans will turn us into Zimbabwe.

“Did you see that awful newspaper tosh – I think it was in The Telegraph – predicting a Corbyn Britain would inevitably generate Zimbabwe 2008 style hyperinflation?

When dealing with people who say or write such things, it is always essential to take a deep breath, accept they may genuinely believe what they say, remember you might have believed some of that yourself once, keep your voice calm and respectful, and explain patiently and quietly why such views are mistaken.”

Statement 1: ‘Of course the government has to balance its budget, or it won’t be able to pay back its debts, or we will burden our children’.

Answer 1: ‘Governments almost never balance their budgets, and that has been true nearly everywhere in…

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That joke isn’t funny anymore: from #Tories4Corbyn to a Very British Coup

The World Turned Upside Down

corbyn2One day, someone like the Glasgow Media Group, will do an analysis of this leadership election and how the attitude of the right-wing press has changed towards Jeremy Corbyn. It will be fascinating. 

Stage 1: Laughter

It seems like an age ago when it was all jolly larks and #Tories4Corbyn. Smugly and patronisingly, they laughed into their sleeves, safe in the knowledge that Corbyn even being on the ballot would show that the loony left (guffaw) was very much alive and kicking and the Labour Party at large hadn’t changed. By not having changed, of course, they mean not accepting all the tenets of the disgustingly unequal and brutal society that their chums in the city had created. That self-satisfied superiority complex, which seemingly couldn’t be shifted, had been aided and abetted by the Labour Party in Parliament, filled with New Labourites who did just that – who had “changed”…

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Medieval Slave’s Oath: Now Applicable to Workfare

Beastrabban\'s Weblog

Looking through the books and materials I’ve got on slavery the other day, I found the oath slaves took when they formally renounced their freedom and became the property of a feudal lord in 7th century France.

‘Everyone knows that great poverty and very bad harvests oppress me, and I have nothing with which to feed or clothe myself. At my request you have given me some money and some clothes. As I cannot repay you, I cede to you my liberty: you may dispose of me as your other slaves.’

Well, it’s now fifteen centuries later, and we’re in the 21st century not the seventh. The attitude still seems to be the same at the DWP. It’s certainly the idea behind workfare, where in exchange for receiving the pittance to relieve hardship and allow the claimant something to eat, they are put on the work programme to labour for…

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Two Years of tony abbott’s Life.

Don’t tell the others……

Ærchies Archive - Digital Detritus

This is an excerpt from “Where there is Smoke” 

The references in square brackets are from that post.



Abbott was awarded a Rhodes Scholarship in 1980. There has always been a little disbelief that he gained this most prestigious award when he was a mid-range student and a mid-range sportsman.

abbottrhodes1The ABC has thrown a little light onto this conundrum discovering some of the selection committee. [13]

Although there were seven members including three previous scholars, on three people are named on the list.

Sir Roden Cutler, the Governor of NSW and the businessman Richard John Lee (Rhodes Scholar 1971) were joined by the now Chief Justice J. Dyson Heydon (Rhodes Scholar 1974)

The Canberra Times added to the published information. “According to the list, the 1980 panel included Michael Birt, a former vice-chancellor of the University of NSW, war veteran Harold “Jack” Dickinson, who was appointed…

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#WEcan Fuck Up The DWP’s Online Campaign To Promote Mass Workfare

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workfare-stick-upA whole host of corporate vultures have teamed up with the DWP to launch an online campaign celebrating young people being coerced into working for no pay for some of the richest companies in the UK.

Marks & Spencer, Whitbread, Halfords and shamefully the BBC have all signed up to the #WEcan campaign which aims to encourage even more businesses to provide unpaid work experience positions instead of employing young people properly.  The new initiative comes as the Government draws up plans to force all unemployed young people into permanent unpaid work if they are unable to find a job within six months of becoming unemployed.  This means they have to find enough grubby companies and so-called charities who are prepared to take part in this shocking exploitation.  The #WEcan campaign is part of an attempt to achieve this, so let’s fuck it up.

Already parasites from the welfare-to-work industry…

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Is Westminster now ready for the Jeremy Corbyn Effect?

Is the electorate ready for a beard?

Think Left

Is Westminster ready for the Jeremy Corbyn Effect?

one for all

The Jeremy Corbyn effect is happening all around the country. This candidate for the Labour Leadership is being welcomed around the country. MPs do not seem to be in touch with the ordinary people. Why has it been so difficult for anyone challenging the austerity, neoliberal agenda which Thatcher and Reagan initiated, and which has been inflicted on people ever since to achieve a nomination to lead the Labour Party? It is not as if the nation has no appetite for the Jeremy Corbyn Effect.

  • Is it that the path to an MP is expensive and out of reach for ordinary people?
  • Is it because of the antisocial hours and that it is based in London, too far and expensive for ordinary people to travel to?
  • Is it because the selection process has presented an unrepresentative Oxbridge majority which people cannot…

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