Vote Labour to Get Murdoch Out!

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According to the Indie, Rupert Murdoch has told the hacks in News International to redouble their efforts to stop ‘Red’ Ed Miliband getting into No. 10. The paper quoted the Dirty Digger as saying, ‘If he gets in, we’re finished.’

In my opinion, this is another reason why every decent person in this country should go out and vote for Miliband.

Murdoch, and to a lesser extent the other Fleet Street press barons, have been a pernicious influence on this country, and indeed, across three continents, ever since he turned up in the 1970s to buy the Herald, as the Sun then was, and then the Times. The quality of the journalism went down, while extreme nationalism went up, along with an extremely anti-working class bias. Recent biographies have Murdoch have pointed out that his goals have been consistent, despite him notoriously changing from supporting one party…

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How Lord Fraud’s Benefit Rules For Self-Employed Workers Will Mean The End Of Enterprise

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lord-fraud-freud1Fuck entrepreneurs.  Seriously.  Fuck them.  Most of them are are chinless jumped up idiots squandering their trust funds and boring everyone shitless with their latest wacky idea for rasberry fucking flavoured baked beans.  Or online spivs like Grant Shapps ripping off the public with fake websites and get rich quick schemes.

If you’re poor then the local entrepreneur is likely to be the person people buy their smack from, or your landlord, or someone you borrow fifty quid off knowing some bastard with a baseball bat will probably turn up if you can’t afford to pay it back on time.

Having said that, millions of people are now scraping an income as self-employed workers.  Whether being shafted by online micro jobs that pay 50p for an hour’s work, or working on building sites and forced to register as self-employed to save their employer money, a casualised, insecure and poverty paid…

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Sack the board, sack the board, sack the board…

Nicely written.

The World Turned Upside Down

stbI got my hands on my first Newcastle season ticket at the age of 10. My first hero was Imre Varadi, despite his habit of missing nine out of ten chances. What really sucked me in, though, wasn’t the pretty mediocre fare being offered on the pitch but the history of the club. I lay on my bed for hours on end reading great tomes by the likes of John Gibson, memorising the names and exploits of Toon greats like Hughie Gallacher, Jackie Milburn, Frank Brennan and George Robledo. Then something magical happened. I can remember very clearly the minute I found out that Kevin Keegan had signed for Newcastle. I was delivering the Chronicle on my newspaper round in Morpeth and there it was, in black and white. I felt dizzy. When Keegan finally made his debut, after a seemingly endless summer, I was standing in the Gallowgate on…

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Nick Clegg Wants Even More Debt For The Young, Why Is This Dick Still Talking?

Nick Clegg is a dick.

the void

NickClegg-looking-like-a-dickWhen Nick Clegg was negotiating with the two main parties after the hung election he could, if he had really cared, insisted on scrapping tuition fees before entering a coalition agreement.  At the very least he could have argued for fees to be reduced, or even frozen over the course of the Parliament.

But instead he threw away the educational chances of a generation in favour of a stupid referendum on what wasn’t even Proportional Representation when it came to the vote.  And he lost.  Because he is a dick.  Remember that if you have recently graduated with a huge debt.  Every time you make a payment remember you are in debt because Nick Clegg is a dick.

Now he wants young people sucked even further into debt by luring them into taking out huge loans to pay for a deposit on a tenancy agreement.  Deposits that will be far…

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Easington Labour candidate backs scrapping of Trident


A Labour candidate in the region has broken ranks by pledging to vote against the renewal of the Trident nuclear deterrent.

Party leader Ed Miliband has insisted he would retain the submarine-based weapons system, because Britain faces an “uncertain and unstable world”.

And he has rejected demands from the Scottish Nationalists who say it is not the best way “to spend £100bn” – the possible total cost of replacing the deterrent.

But Grahame Morris, in Easington, is among around 50 Labour candidates who have made clear their opposition in statements on the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament website.

Mr Morris wrote:

“Replacing Trident will undermine the UK’s moral authority when seeking to restrict nuclear proliferation by other countries.

“We must adapt to meet the new security challenges of the 21st Century, such as climate change, pandemics, organised crime, cyber warfare and terrorism.

“In a time…

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Private Eye on Thatcher and the Housing Bubble

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Private Eye in the issue of the 19th April – 2nd May 2013 marking the death of Margaret Thatcher published a piece on her legacy of failure and corruption. Among her other failed policies and their disastrous consequences, the Eye included in the piece ‘That Thatcher Legacy’ ‘Booms and Busts’. This was the housing bubble created by Thatcher’s ‘right-to-buy’ and the selling off of council houses. The Eye said

Right-to-buy helped fuel the Eighties housing bubble, which burst in the early Nineties, but this was quickly forgotten by politicians and regulators until it happened again. After the start of the longest bull market in 1982 came Black Monday 1987 – a record one-day Wall Street crash – which was also forgotten until the dotcom bust in 2000 and Lehman collapsed eight years later.

In last fortnight’s Eye, they warned that Osborne’s ‘Help-to-Buy’ ISAs would further inflate house prices, without…

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