Opening Pandora’s Box, Austerity and Jeremy Corbyn

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Opening Pandora’s Box. Austerity and Jeremy Corbyn

1. The Challenge

As a child I learned of honestly, fairness and justice, and I learned about socialism. These philosophies go hand-in-hand. But in my lifetime, The Labour Party I loved has become fearful of the truth, and has lost the trust of the electorate. Now, we are facing a leadership election, when for the first time in decades there is a real opportunity to change.

Recently, Syriza MP Costas Lapavitsas said Jeremy Corbyn, standing as a candidate for Labour leadership was “exactly what Britain could do with” and he could inject common sense and values into the Labour Party.  So it was reported in the Telegraph, where Syriza is referred to as “hard-left”, when in fact it is a moderate, democratic party, and rose to power by democratic means because the Greek electorate have been damaged by austerity.

Recent elections have…

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Politicians: undoing their folded lies

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No Place For Sheep

lies2It ought to be self-evident that any individual or politician or government or opposition sincerely concerned with the welfare of waterborne asylum seekers who seek refuge in this country, would find their indefinite incarceration in off-shore detention centres obscene, and altogether unacceptable.

Remarkably, they don’t. Politicians from both major parties currently arguing that “turning back the boats” is an altruistic effort to stop people drowning at sea, need to be confronted with hard questions about what they continue to do to women, children and men after they have saved them from drowning at sea. Report after report, formal and anecdotal, reveals the appalling conditions asylum seekers endure on Nauru and Manus Island, and one has to question the sanity of anyone who advocates saving people from drowning only to treat them as human detritus, by either incarcerating them, or sending them back to a torment they’ve fled.

This is a…

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Jeremy Corbyn and the Truth about Deficits

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Origin of Specious

corboJeremy Corbyn is in big trouble if he doesn’t start telling the truth about deficits. Other politicians can build card-houses out of the pack of lies that has been handed around since the 1970s. Corbyn’s position can only rest comfortably on a foundation of fact. Sometimes honesty really is the best policy.

Andy Burnham made a bit of trouble for Corbyn in the recent LBC debate. It was a small taste of what could easily kill Corbyn as Labour leader. Burnham asked Corbyn whether he wanted to eliminate the deficit. Corbyn replied that he did, eventually, but added that the best way to do so is to invest in the economy and foster growth. Burnham replied that the economy is already on a steady growth path, yet tax revenues don’t come near to covering expenditure. So, he implied, you need to either raise taxes (unpopular) or cut spending (anathema…

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George Osborne Declares War On The Working Class. Are We Fucking Up For It?

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Join the rebellion and fight back against the rich at the Fuck Parade, Sat July 11th, outside Camden Town tube, spread the word. Join the rebellion and fight back against the rich at the Fuck Parade, Sat July 11th, outside Camden Town tube, from 7 or earlier for the special warm up event. Spread the word.

Do not be fooled by some pissy rise in the minimum wage that will all be clawed back in Tax Credit cuts anyway, George Osborne’s budget speech represents the most savage attack on the working class that has been seen in decades.

Just look at who is being hit – both council and low income private tenants, public sector workers, sick and disabled people, low paid families, the poorest students, lone parents, young workers and unemployed people.  At every strata of working class life those who do not have a million pound house to hand over to their children are being attacked.

From 2017 if you fall ill, and have to leave work, and you will now…

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Work hard, do the right thing – and get screwed

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Jules Birch

How has George Osborne got away with a Budget that will hurt the very people he claims it will help most: hardworking families.

The headlines are all about One Nation, National Living Wage and tax cuts but, as the dust settles, the calculations that have emerged so far make clear that the poorest households are going to suffer significant cuts in income. While a series of cuts such as the lower benefit cap will hit out-of-work households hard, people in work face a series of technical changes to tax credits and benefits that will make many of them substantially worse off.

To give some idea, here are the three main cuts:

  • A four-year freeze in working age benefits saving £4 billion by 2020/21. The Institute for Fiscal Studies estimates that this alone means that 13 million families will lose an average of £260 a year. Of those, 7.4 million are in…

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