Granny – aged 90 – told to attend job centre interview

Bop till you drop…….

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s social security today!)

If you want an illustration of the mess created by Iain Duncan Smith in our social security system and the incompetence of the present government, you only need to see this letter from the DWP to a 90-year-old woman ordering her to attend a job related interview which was posted online by her grandson:

dwp letter to gran


Or maybe it’s not a mistake at all.

Work till we drop?


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Do Labour actually want to win the general election?

Looks like layabout party’s world wide have the same problem.


Am I alone  in suspecting Labour don’t actually want to win next year? Maybe, like David Cameron, they are seeing ‘red warning lights‘ flashing in the world economy, and just don’t fancy it.

You would think that with an embarrassing by-election defeat for the Conservative Party imminent, Labour would just plat it safe, try out some messages they plan to use in May, and just not do anything silly. Instead though, they tried to out-do UKIP on immigration by pretending ‘benefits tourism’ is a massive problem they are determined to solve (a laughable proposition) and today, some idiot MP gives the strong impression she despises the sort of people who traditionally vote Labour. What else can we conclude? Or are they just not very good at politics?

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Miliband turns his fire on Mike Ashley’s Sports Direct over zero hour contracts

Haway the Lads!


Labour leader Ed Miliband is to turn his fire on Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley’s Sports Direct chain, in a major speech attacking “zero hour” contracts.

Mr Miliband will accuse the chain of “Victorian practices” in the way it treats staff.

And he will highlight plans to change the law – so that workers with regular shifts have the legal right to a regular contract, if Labour wins the next election.

It comes as the Labour leader continues his fightback following reports that some MPs had concerns about his leadership of the party.

Earlier this week he delivered a speech pledging to stand up to “vested interests”, to ensure hard work was rewarded and to stamp down on tax avoidance by the very wealthy.

Today he is set to focus particularly on zero hours contracts, in which work is not guaranteed and staff…

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Big questions for Boris over corrupt billion dollar property deal

Boris knows best?

Politics and Insights

Channel Four Exclusive: Boris Johnson is under fire over his handling of a £1bn deal for a Chinese firm to redevelop a huge site on London’s historic Royal Albert Dock.

From Michael Crick, political correspondent.

A Chinese firm’s human rights record “wasn’t relevant”, Mayor of London Boris Johnson tells Political Correspondent Michael Crick, after a £1bn property deal.

This follows an investigation by Channel 4 News into the track record in China of the firm which won the contract – ABP – and into whether ABP were given favourable treatment during the tender process.

There are also questions over donations to the Conservative Party from an Anglo-Chinese businesswoman who acted as adviser to ABP.

Sir Alistair Graham, a former chairman of the government’s Committee on Standards in Public Life, suggested to Channel 4 News there should be an independent investigation into the tendering process for the development, which will take…

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Here We Fucking Go! A String Of Victories Shows That When We Fight Back We Can Win

Here we go, here we go, here we go.

the void

we-are-winningThe bastards are dropping like flies.  A string of victories have been won this week as people at the sharp end of austerity have shown that we don’t need giant trade unions or insincere political parties to do politics for us.

In East London, property developers Redrow have announced they are selling their £46.75m stake in 1 Commercial Street, the luxury tower block in East London.  This building has been the target of an 18 week campaign against the ‘poor doors’ which force people in the so-called affordable properties to use a different entrance to those living in the posh flats.  Rowdy weekly demonstrations have brought chaos to this busy part of London and enjoyed huge local support.  The protests are set to continue with a victory celebration next Wednesday 19th November from 6pm.

Meanwhile in Hackney the tenants on the New Era estate have driven the vile Benyon…

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Never mind the EU bill. Here’s something George Osborne really has halved:

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s George Osborne!)

George Osborne claims he’s halved the UK’s EU bill.

Which is a bit like buying something for £5 and when the cashier gives you gives you change from a £10 note, claiming you’ve just saved yourself a fiver.

Oh well. Never mind George.

Just to cheer you up, here’s something you really have managed to halve:

Bank of England halves forecast of wage growth.

Although to be fair, not everyone in the UK have seen their wages stagnate:

average UK pay rises


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