Bypass the mainstream press and defeat the Tories – how you can help

Looks safe to me!

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How you can help reach out to voters in Tory marginals before the next election

PLEASE SUPPORT THIS CAMPAIGN – EVEN A SMALL CONTRIBUTION COULD HELP TO CHANGE THE RESULT OF THE NEXT ELECTION. Simply put, the more cash raised,the more micro-marketing campaigns we can run in more Tory marginals, the more ads we can use and the more demographics we can target.

Crowdfunder – bypass the mainstream press and defeat the Tories

What is ‘targeted’ or ‘micro-marketing’?

At the moment there is a lot of talk – most of it with very little real substance – about targeted marketing in political campaigns. Most people will have heard about the controversiesswirling aroundCambridge Analytica and how the company used “hidden marketing” techniques during both the Donald Trump and the Leave.EU campaigns:

Trump, Brexit, and Cambridge Analytica

Cambridge Analytica has been ‘accused’ oftargeting voters using hidden ‘dark ads

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Iain Duncan Smith: “I was a Cruel and Heartless Bastard as Work and Pensions Minister.”

Ipswich Unemployed Action.

Iain Duncan Smith 

Iain Duncan Smith: Covering Himself Against Regime Collapse.

This caught my eye, and doubtless plenty of others, this morning when I bought my copy of the claimants’ favourite daily, The ‘I’.

After a recent  flop as a Radio 2 Presenter Iain Duncan Smith is flaying around looking for a new role and purpose in life.

Iain Duncan Smith says work capability assessments don’t work and are ‘too harsh’

Former minister for Work and Pensions Iain Duncan Smith has admitted that work capability assessments given to sick people are “too harsh” and offer a “cliff edge” choice between work and no work.

He added that this “cliff edge” view of work and illness adds stress to the process and encourages people to misrepresent their conditions to assessors.

Speaking at an event held by the Spectator magazine and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation on The Conservative Route to Fighting Poverty…

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#Grenfell residents just charged rent – no limit to Tory callous incompetence


Survivors of the terrible Grenfell Tower tragedy have had insult heaped upon injury by the abominable Tory RBKC (Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea) council.

They have had the rent for their destroyed flats charged to their bank accounts:

grenfell itv.pngThis despite a promise to residents by the council, in the days following the blaze, not to do so.

The leader and deputy leader of RBKC have now both resigned. It’s not enough. Every Tory on that council should be resigning their seats so local people can elect councillors from a party that has not inflicted huge – and lethal – cuts of 40% on local government.

Right now.

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Who benefits from the Tory decision to axe BBC recipes?

For Sure.

Pride's Purge

Three recipe websites are awaiting launch now the Cameron government has forced the BBC to remove their on-line recipes. is registered to Sainsbury’s Supermarkets ltd and is waiting to launch. is also awaiting launch as a website and mobile phone app. It is registered to Scottish millionaire Richard Emanuel  (living in tax exile in Monaco). is registered to Mark Singleton (an entrepreneur famous for pet websites). The website and mobile app is due to launch this year.

bestrecipes and taste are also the two largest recipe websites and mobile phone apps in Australia and provide massive ad revenues to their owner.

Both are owned by Rupert Murdoch.

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G4S are now teaching and looking after our children. Are we all mad?


Pride's Purge

(Not satire – it’s G4S!)

I might be a bit slow so forgive me, but I thought the disgraced private security company G4S who so badly f***ed up the Olympics security contract was …. well … a private security company.

So I’m wondering why they’re advertising to employ teachers, psychologists and social workers on their website:

G4S Children’s Services

I was aware that G4S is in charge of security, cleaning, caretaking services etc in some UK schools and that they provide teachers and children’s front-line educational services in the US but this is the first time I’ve heard about them employing front-line educational professionals in the UK.

G4S are also running 7 children’s homes in the UK. See another of their websites here:

G4S Children’s Homes

Is it only me who finds this shocking?

Because I’ve got just one question about the idea of this bunch of cowboys being put…

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Eat Chocolate. Save the Planet.

Watts Up With That?


Guest essay by Charles Rotter aka “Charles the Moderator”

(Note from Anthony: Working behind the scenes all these years, Charles has earned the right for a little self promotion here, in my opinion. I hope readers will agree.)

One of the slightly lesser talked about issues in Climate Change discussions is the effect of methane emissions on the Global heat budget. This was recently discussed in several posts concerning recent California laws created to control methane emissions from the dairy industry, this being the latest.

California passes a new climate law to regulate cow farts

There are approximately 1.4 billion cattle on our planet.  That’s a lot of cows and a lot of potential methane.  Buuut…there are over 7 BILLION people on our planet.  That’s a much bigger pool of farting mammals to control if we are going to do our part to save the planet.

I’m Charles the Moderator…

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Tragic Grenfell Tower fitted with external cladding despite known fire risk.

Slipping standards.

Pride's Purge

The external cladding recently fitted to the tragic Grenfell Tower was a well-known fire risk before the cladding was fitted.

The tower building had been over-clad with Aluminium Composite Material cassette rainscreen, whichhas beenblamed for several tower fires around the world, including in Australia and the UAE.

The company responsible for fitting the cladding -Harley Curtain Wall Ltd -went into administration shortly after fitting the panels. However, directors of the company continue to trade under a slightly different name, Harley Facades Ltd.

It has also been revealed that Grenfell Tower residents had been complaining about fire risks for some time before the tragic fire.

It seems the owners of the tower, Kensington and Chelsea council, have a lot of questions that will need to be answered.

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