They Are Coming For The Internet – New Porn and Copyright Laws Could Criminalise Millions

on the ball if paranoid….

the void

facepalmIf you ever needed confirmation that the UK is not run by a shadowy cabal of sinister plotters but a bunch of chinless fucking idiots then the upcoming Digital Economy Bill is a good place to start.

As well as massively increasing personal information sharing amongst government departments, the proposed new laws will seek to ensure that all pornographic content available on the internet in the UK carries an age verification system.   The bill will also introduce new copyright legislation which could mean that simply sharing or retweeting an internet meme, such as the one that accompanies this post, could mean prosecution with a maximum penalty of ten years imprisonment.  Really.

According to the government age-verification is necessary to protect children from the danger of online porn.  And wouldn’t it be nice if it were that easy.  The reality is that this bill will do nothing to stop teenagers…

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The Real News: American Nuclear Inspector Says Korean Nuclear Weapons Capability ‘Gross Exaggeration’

Let’s hope so.

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Trump’s extremely belligerent speech this morning threatening the North Koreans, and Iran and Venezuela, for that matter, with utter destruction is terrifying. It’s the ranting of a lunatic, who seems determined to push his country, and the world, to the brink of nuclear war. After all, when he first got into power he asked his general staff why America didn’t use its nuclear weapons on its enemies.

Trump is, however, responding to claims by the North Korea itself to have developed a hydrogen bomb and the missiles capable of delivering one to the US. This comes from an underground nuclear test that North Korea carried out on the 3rd of this month, September 2017. But this report by Sharmini Perez of the Real News argues that their claims of nuclear capability is ‘grossly exaggerated’.

In the video below, Perez interviews Robert Kelley, a member of America’s Atomic Energy Authority, and…

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Opportunism meets genius to give NHS staff a boost and Hunt palpitations

surprised that he still travels by train? but not for long!


Sharp-eyed, quick-witted NHS supporters ‘Elle M Bee’ and friends combined opportunism with a stroke of genius to make Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt’s life uncomfortable – and to give a much-needed morale-boost to junior doctors and other beleaguered NHS staff.

Hearing from the parents of some friends that Hunt was sitting just behind them on a train, they acted quickly – and in a fashion that can justifiably be called inspired:

hunt train.jpgHunt’s ‘hunted’ eyes tell an eloquent tale of just what he thought of the move:

hunt hunted eyes.pngLet’s make this a thing.

If you spot Hapless Hunt, don’t engage directly or even let on that you know he’s there. Just talk loudly about how useless he is and about the dire state of the NHS under the worst Health Secretary and slimiest party in history.

And, of course, don’t forget to tell us about it so we can feature it here –…

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Stephen Hawking’s Defends NHS as Hunt Lies about its Privatisation

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I know the Tories will immediately complain about the title of this article, but that’s exactly what’s going on. The Tories have been privatizing the NHS piecemeal since the 1980s, when Maggie Thatcher wanted to sell it off completely and replace it with an American-style insurance based system. Thatcher was prevented from doing so through a massive cabinet revolt, plus the fact that her private secretary, Patrick Jenkin, found out how appalling the American system was after he actually did some research and went there.

But the privatization is still going on. There was a mass exodus of dentists in the late ’80s-early ’90s, after Maggie – or was it Major?-refused to give them any more money. Then came Peter Lilley and his Private Finance Initiative, in which hospitals were to be built and run for the NHS by private contractors. Then New Labour expanded this massively, breaking up the…

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Chief Constable accused in child-abuse scandal. No action in 9 months

Say no more.


senior police hat.pngFormer child-abuse inquiry panellist Sharon Evans has been in the news in the last few days over a radio interview in which she claimed that she was sidelined – and briefed against – in order to prevent any disruption to Theresa May’s procession to Downing Street:

Ms Evans – herself a survivor of child sexual abuse – believes the treatment of the inquiry, which was instituted by May when she was Home Secretary and which has seen several Chairs sacked with little if any progress apparent, has been tightly controlled and has seemed more suited to facilitating a cover-up than to exposing perpetrators.

sharon evans.pngSharon Evans

Ms Evans, who runs a charity to help child-abuse survivors, has not let her departure from the inquiry panel stop her efforts to gain justice for victims. Nor has she let it curtail either her evidence-gathering or her outspokenness.

And the SKWAWKBOX has seen evidence…

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Jimmy Dore Show: Bernie Sanders Supporters Chant ‘The Media Is Corrupt’ at Rally

& so it goes…….

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This is why Google, Facebook and the mainstream media hate left-wing, progressive and Socialist bloggers and vloggers. People are sick of their lies, and know that they’re corrupt. And they say it.

In this clip from The Jimmy Dore Show from July 2016, the American comedian and his guests comment on a clip from a Bernie Sanders rally in Philadelphia. The crowd spontaneously turned towards the section of the stadium where the media were positioned, and chanted ‘the media is corrupt’, while pointing fairly and squarely at them.

Dore makes the point that not only are people fed up with establishment politics and its corruption, they’re also sick of establishment media. ‘How’, he asks rhetorically, ‘can it not be corrupt, when just five guys own it? Five guys!’ As for how the media felt having the crowd turn on them, he speculates that they’re already so soulless they didn’t feel…

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Democrat Lawmakers Wish to Strip Trump of His Power to Launch Nuclear Missiles

So Tony Blair can not be indicted in the U.K.?

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At last, after the mindless, terrifying posturing of Trump and Kim Jong In, there’s a bit of common sense in this latest nuclear crisis. A group of Democrat politicos, including Mark Lew, are demanding a change in legislation that would strip the American president of his current power to launch a nuclear attack without Congress’ authorization. This piece of legislation is currently backed by 50,000 signatures from the American public. A previous version of the law was signed by 500,000 people.

In this clip from The Ring of the Fire, the front man not only welcomes this piece of legislation, which would restrain Trump as someone too dangerously unstable to have this power, but asks why it was never passed before. All the past presidents, including Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Ronald Reagan and George Dubya, had the power to launch a nuclear missile somewhere without having to seek Congress’ approval…

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