SKWAWKBOX/EVOLVE lead on #NHS #Naylor. Mirror follows #GE17

No Doubt about it. & that’s for sure!


At the beginning of this week, the SKWAWKBOX – together with Evolve Politics – publicised an excellent video that exposed the Tories’ plans to asset-strip the NHS for the benefit of private property investors.

Theresa May had admitted during her interview with the BBC’s Andrew Neil that she was committed to the plan, but tried to disguise it as an investment in NHS infrastructure.

may naylorIn fact Trusts who fail to sell their property and land at knock-down prices will be deniedaccess to public funding for ‘capital’ spending on equipment and buildings. It’s a huge scandal.

The posts went viral, provoking outrage among those who care about our NHS.

And as often happens now, where the independent media lead the mainstream follows. A SKWAWKBOX reader pointed out that the Daily Mirror had today run a substantial article on the Naylor report and what its implementation means for our NHS:

naylor mirror.jpgAnd…

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