Knock Out!


Here are some words from an article typed by a dickhead …

“regressive left”
“lofty liberal ideals espoused by such leftists and their sordid output”
“regressive leftist denouncers of “Islamophobia””
“regressive leftists”
“regressive leftists”
“turncoat pseudo-liberals”
“progressive journalists”
“regressive leftists”
“regressive leftist attacks”
“So-called progressives”
“those who mouth liberal shibboleths”

A “theme” emerges.

The article was typed by one Jeffrey Taylorin defence ofAyaan Hirsi Ali, a woman who, as Taylor notes, ”suffered genital mutilation, donned the hijab and joined the Muslim Brotherhood, escaped a forced marriage and fled Africa for Holland, mastered Dutch and earned a graduate degree from a prestigious university, abandoned Islam after the 9/11 attacks awakened her intellectually, got herself elected to the Dutch parliament, publicly denounced the abuse suffered by immigrant Muslim women in Holland, wrote the screenplay for a short film about misogyny in Islam (for which its director, Theo van Gogh

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