Is Westminster now ready for the Jeremy Corbyn Effect?

Is the electorate ready for a beard?

Think Left

Is Westminster ready for the Jeremy Corbyn Effect?

one for all

The Jeremy Corbyn effect is happening all around the country. This candidate for the Labour Leadership is being welcomed around the country. MPs do not seem to be in touch with the ordinary people. Why has it been so difficult for anyone challenging the austerity, neoliberal agenda which Thatcher and Reagan initiated, and which has been inflicted on people ever since to achieve a nomination to lead the Labour Party? It is not as if the nation has no appetite for the Jeremy Corbyn Effect.

  • Is it that the path to an MP is expensive and out of reach for ordinary people?
  • Is it because of the antisocial hours and that it is based in London, too far and expensive for ordinary people to travel to?
  • Is it because the selection process has presented an unrepresentative Oxbridge majority which people cannot…

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